Aaron Ladd

Dale & Aaron!

Dale & Aaron

     A Louisiana native son, firm in the belief ‘the best day of my life was the day I married my wife.’  That’s what she said.  Faith in God and dedication of his life to following Jesus is Aaron Ladd’s driving force and the reason to breathe each day.  This fun loving Cajun began his broadcasting career in early 70’s, Aaron got his Drivers License and his FCC Broadcast License the same year.  That opened a door to place Aaron under the guidance and mentorship of seasoned radio veterans such as Neil Wooley, Ed Prendergast, Jim Toth, Ben Garofolo, Ray Kreuger as well as Dale Mann.

     The journey began at a small 5000 watt AM radio in Westlake, LA.  Snuggled among antennae, cooling towers and heat exchangers of refineries and petro-chemical plants, 2 brothers began building a lifelong broadcast partnership that would go far beyond the many back roads Dale and Aaron would share.


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